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GreenStar™ LED Endoscopic Illuminator

The brightest LED hand-held light source

GreenStar™ LED Endoscopic Illuminator

The Orion GreenStar™ LED endoscopic illuminator is the brightest LED hand-held light source for fibre optic illuminators used with proctoscopes and sigmoidoscopes, delivering over 5.5 times the brightness of illuminators using halogen technology. Designed for compatibility with other major brands, you can easily upgrade to a brighter, more robust LED FO illuminator Handle and see your patients in a whole new light!

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How we’ve put the “Green” in GreenStar to deliver performance & savings

Long-life LED: With an average rated life of over 50,000 hours, there are no more costly halogen lamps to purchase

Long Battery Life: With the ability to provide bright white light for over 50 procedures from one pair of AA batteries*, battery usage is significantly reduced

Stainless Steel Construction: Provides a secure, strong and sterilizable alternative to hard-plastic illuminator

Cordless: Reduces cables in the surgical area, improving mobility and safety for physicians and support staff

No dimming over time: unlike halogen lamps, this LED device will continue to provide the same consistent level of illumination right up until the batteries are completely discharged

High Illumination levels: increases users’ viewing ability, which may attribute to better patient outcomes.

*based on an average length of 8 minutes per procedure

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