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Sureband™ Ligator Kit

The revolutionary multi-band ligator

Simple, fast, reliable, and clinically more efficient

Designed by surgeons for surgeons, the Sureband™ Ligator Kit makes ligation procedures more comfortable for patients, clinically efficient for surgeons, and easier for nurses. The ligator kit consists of a Sureband™  multi-band ligator and anoscope with light guide. Sureband™ is the better, more clinically efficient ligating system.

The unique multi-action handle allows you to control suction and release and reload bands with only one hand. Providing you with a free hand enables you to hold a proctoscope as well as work alone. The design allows for much more accurate applications and reduces the need for additional procedures.

Ready To Use

The Sureband™ kit is ready to use straight from the clean, airtight packaging. There are no spare parts to lose, find or fit and the only extra equipment you need is standard hospital suction.

Easier And Faster

You’ll reduce time and patient visits being able to perform a typical ligation procedure of up to three haemorrhoids from 20 minutes to between 2 and 4 minutes because Sureband™ is pre-loaded, already clean and can be used with a single hand. The innovative multi-action handle controls suction, fires and reloads bands.

Additional Information

Product Brochure
Product Brochure – FR
Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation – FR
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Benefits include:
  • Ready to use out of the package
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Reduce typical procedure for 3 haemorrhoids from 20 minutes to 2 to 4 minutes
  • Multi-action handle controls suction, fires and reloads bands
  • Pre-loaded with 4 rubber bands
  • Slim 120mm insertion probe
  • More comfortable for patients
  • More efficient for surgeons and easier for nurses
  • Latex-free bands