Bright Ideas Brought To Light

Dedicated To Doing Things Bright

Designing, developing, and producing bright ideas and new technologies

Orion Concepts was born from the compulsive passion to figure out a better way to do things ourselves. The founders of Orion Concepts have been tinkering and doing things better since 1984. Today, whether we’re developing one of our own ideas or bringing our clients’ ideas to light, our passion to transform thoughts & concepts into fully functional, commercially viable products has never been stronger.

Standard is never good enough for us

Our goal is to create new and better products that provide value, quality, and functionality to the end user. In all our work, we strive to provide a final result that merges elegance of design and quality of engineering into a pleasing, reliable, efficient device.

Designing improvement for medical and non-medical industries

Our GreenStar™ line of laryngoscope and endoscopic handles is a perfect example of how we have applied our innovation to a medical product that, while not new, had plenty of room for improvement in quality, function and price. For non-medical clients, our work with lighting helped light a brighter way for sewer video cameras performing vital work in the underground of our cities.

Entrepreneurs see the light

Whether they come from the medical field or not, we are here to help every entrepreneur with a bright idea. Like almost all of the entrepreneurs we meet, each of them wants to improve upon design and function. It’s not enough to improve a device; what does it mean for the end user or the patient? If you want to improve life, our highly technical development team will bring your medical and non-medical bright ideas to light.

Orion’s Mission:

Orion Concepts’ mission is to continually design, engineer, and manufacture leading edge products that advance the ability of our customers to better visualize during procedures, processes or within their working environments.