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Your Concept, Our Design And Development

Orion Concepts’ Design Service is here to help you develop and refine your concepts and ideas into high quality products that are a cost effective way to outperform your competition. Our passion to transform thoughts & concepts into fully functional, commercially viable products is the advantage you need to set the standard and get your market’s attention.

Our goal is to provide a final result that merges elegance of design and quality of engineering into a pleasing, reliable, high quality device. After years of designing and developing devices and technology for us, it seems a natural evolution to offer our skills and abilities helping you develop your bright ideas.

Medical and non-medical design and development

Though a great deal of our design background is in the medical field, Orion Concepts doesn’t restrict its services to medical only. We are here to help every entrepreneur with a bright idea design and develop their thoughts, from start to finish. Our highly technical medical device development experience will bring your medical and non-medical bright ideas to light.

Manufacture, white label, market and distribute

Depending to what level you are planning to develop your ideas, Orion Concepts can help you take your product from just an idea all the way to market. We can help you navigate through prototyping, patent development, manufacturing, marketing and even distribution. Whether you choose to brand your device or product with your own brand or market it with one of ours, from concept to completion, we’re here to help make it happen.

Design & Development Processes:
  • Demonstration model development
  • Prototype development
  • Product plan analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Product improvement and brainstorming
  • Patent development
  • Product testing (ergonomics, functionality, durability)
  • Compliance with regulations (health, food, etc.)
  • Manufacturing, marketing and distribution
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Tell Us About Your Idea

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Bright Ideas Brought To Light

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